We make software testing for Banks and Credit Unions easy.


Procurity – The Automated Quality Assurance Service Platform

Why TaaS?


Financial Institutions Concerns with Testing:

Manual testing is operationally demanding, costly and unreliable.

Value of Automation:

  • Frees up hundreds of hours of staff time.
  • Significantly decreases the rate of human error.
  • Provides a higher probability of successful software deployments.
  • Supports auditable compliance reporting of software upgrades and new features.

TaaS Products:

Procurity provides a suite of automated testing tools utilizing a continuously growing library of test scripts through an ongoing engagement service.

TaaS provides value to your Bank or Credit Union through:

  • Increased Customer and Member Satisfaction – Decreased time to market through faster and more reliable rollouts of new services, enhancements, and features
  • Lower Operational Costs – Reduce/eliminate the need for manual testing
  • Increased Value to the Customer – Address end-user issues quickly and reduce downtime related to patching, upgrades, and enhancements
  • Reduce Legal and Operational IT Risk – Improved security posture and lower compliance costs

Bottom Line:

TaaS makes testing easy and reliable.

“In our discussions with financial institutions, we have seen a range of 4,100-6,700+ man hours to test their Core Systems each year. That’s the equivalent of two to three full time personnel doing nothing but testing.

An eighty-percent reduction in this testing time provides a tangible and significant benefit to any financial institution.”



Reduction in Testing Time

The Procurity Executive Team


Stephen Riley
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jay Sudowski
Advisory Board



Dennis Longbotham
Co-Founder & SVP, Sales & Marketing

The Procurity Advisory Board


Santo Cannone
Advisory Board

Bryan E. Clagett
Advisory Board

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